Why I Read

The interior of some pages will be with me forever, I just have to meet them first.

From Salt Houses by Hala Alyan

What is a life? A series of yeses and noes, photographs you shove in a drawer somewhere, loves you think will save you but that cannot. Continuing to move, enduring, not stopping even when there is pain. That’s all life

Today I had a frustrating experience

And it is 100% in my power to resolve the emotional fallout.

Thoughts for a Thursday 10/04/2018

“Our art has no home in a place where we are not respected.” – Honey Davenport.

The Importance of Self-Care

A big part of mental health maintenance is just about adequate self-care.

Thoughts for a Thursday: Please Read!

Recently our block had a neighborhood cookout, and I found out one of my neighbors is actually a children’s book author/illustrator. This was incredibly exciting for me, as I’ve been mulling over an idea for a children’s book since a

Starting Today: The Famished Road by Ben Okri

In the beginning there was a river. The river became a road and the road branched out to the whole world. And because the road was once a river it was always hungry.

Friendly Reminder that

“the world” is not an entity and it is never unified in a singular way “against” you as an individual. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is not a friend.

Thoughts for a Thursday from An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks

It is, thus, discontinuities, the great discontinuities in life, that we seek to bridge, or reconcile, or integrate, by recollection, and, beyond this, by myth and art.

Invest in things that have the capacity for growth.