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June is the birth month of both DWM and the boy. so I need to find a present. Just one? The careful reader may raise an eyebrow. Yes, I’m only shopping for one present, kitty friends; DWM’s present is “what little help I can offer her”. Now before you all cry “favoritism!” or “miser!”, I must say in my defense, having lived so many years so far apart, I can no longer accurately gauge her material needs at any given time. For example, last Christmas I made the mistake of gifting her a solar birdbath (side note: buy it here from Amazon!), which proved more cumbersome than in any way useful to her. So I’m learning that it’s best to stick to nonmaterial gifts that won’t add to her stress.


That just leaves shopping for the boyfriend. As it happens, he needs new casual shoes. (He actually bought me shoes for my last birthday too so I suppose we’re that couple now. Next year, house slippers! Eventually we’ll get each other tube socks for all birthdays and major holidays! Ican’twait.) At least it’s simple enough. But, casual shoes come in so many styles and vibes. Both being picky in our own ways, we have already established a short list of what would disqualify any pair from consideration:

  • boat shoes
  • lace up
  • monk straps
  • tassels
  • “weird colors”, this is taken to mean anything other than beige/brown/tan, or black. All his work shoes are black so I’m not really interested in getting him another pair of black shoes, and I think he has begrudgingly allowed navy. I’ll have to find a pair of stunners to get him to actually wear them!


Even with a list of “firm no’s”, there are still plenty of styles to choose from:


Should we go for casual dress

venetian loafers?
venetian loafers?


More casual but still polished



outdoorsy and rugged

hiking shoes
hiking shoes?


or sporty and urban

sporty the upgraded version?
sneakers for adults?


will he wear these even though they’re lace up (because I’m obsessed with them but they don’t come in a boy’s 4/women’s 5.5 so I can’t just buy them for myself)?

nb 574 burgundy leather
new balance 574 burgundy leather


Or what about boots/high tops, something casual

suede chukkas?
suede chukkas?


a little more dress

are Chelseas casual or dress for men?!
are chelseas casual or dress for men?!


rugged workboots

timberlands are technically pull-on if you lace them right, right?


or urban high top sneakers

velcro =! lace up, right?
these are still pull-on, right?


Decisions, decisions. (At this point, it’s more like ‘questions, questions’, sigh) Have a favorite from the list above? Want to help a lady out? Cast your vote in the comments below.


That’s all for me, chickydees, see y’all next Wednesday!


off I go trying to find the perfect navy casual shoes available in wide, on sale
The Search for a Birthday Present
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