How I Pay My Student Loans Using Passive Income by Passive Income M.D.

[Passive Income M.D. has great insights to add to the physician blogger scene. Enjoy his guest post below! We have no financial relationship.] As physicians, we’ve all felt the crushing weight of the almighty student loan. Some have felt it


You can read Meet PETE here. You can read PETE  Q&A PT 1 here.  FYI, with my current 228k fed loan, my daily interest dollars are $33, which makes it $1,000 interest accruing monthly, roughly. [when you graduate, the interest you

DWM First Net Worth Update Since 2015 January (on White Coat Investor)

Welcome to the first DWM Net Worth Update.  This is inspired by my great friend/ colleague/ fellow blogger Future Proof MD. He’s such a smart and organized dude that I decide to use his template for my net worth updates

Credit Card Companies Offer Credit Watch, Free!

The era of having to pay $19.99/mo to monitor credit score &  activities is gone! Credit card companies are offering free credit score and selective credit activity details let & right. One can get great sense of his/her credit health

Financial Heroes: WCI, the Godfather of Physician-Money-Blogger

Financial Heroes: WCI, the Godfather of Physician-Money-Blogger

Since joining the FI (Financial Independence) community, every day I’m discovering more awesome blogs to learn from. So I decided to start a series of guest posts under the “Financial Hero Series.” I got the idea from PoF’s Christopher Guest Post.

The Truth about Money & Happiness by FinanceSuperhero

David launched in March 2016. He is on a mission to Restore Order to the World of Finance. He would be honored if you would check out his blog ( and follow FinanceSuperhero on Twitter ( [It is my

8 Ways to Reduce the Doctors Price Tag

1.       Attend the cheapest medical school you can get in. Education is what you make of it. You have been a driven self-starter all your life to even survive as pre-med. Truly a good doc is a good doc, no

$1,100 for 45 Minutes of Your Time

$1,100 for 45 Minutes of Your Time

I have always worked really hard: 7 jobs in college ranging from MCAT tutor, college chemistry TA, nanny, to care-taker for the disabled. Then, I worked 2 jobs in medical school while full time mommying + full time studying. Radiology

Medicine: The Ultimate Inhumane Pursuit of Humanity

One of my mentors whom I look up to in life recently announced her retirement, she wrote, “It’s time for me to take care of my loved ones and myself. I’ve delayed, de-prioritized, sacrificed those closest to me as I care

6 Tips to Maximize Return on Your Biggest Investment: Your Education

Ø  Serve  You came this far, at the opportunity cost of becoming CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, to serve. Nothing else could drive a human being this far against all odds, facing all stressors from all dimensions of life: physical,

2400 Days to Financial Independence

I recently had the honor to virtually meet Mr1500 by PoF’s introduction, who blogs about 1500 days to retirement. I thought it would be fun to share my journey to financial independence as well. I originally wrote Why I Can Retire

Be a Student Loan Terminator. (PMD2)

Do you have student loans? Won’t you love to destroy them and be debt-free? What would you do with the cash flow you free up once your student loans are paid off? I’d like to invite you to join me

Landmines of Physician Home Purchase. (PMD1)

After purchasing my 1st home as MS4, refinancing it as PGY1, then attempting to refinance it as PGY2, I’m now preparing to purchase my 2nd home. Honestly, working with so many mortgage officers over a spectrum of mortgage companies in the

Is Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Repayment Plan for you?

    For larger or printable view, click Here. Benefits of REPAYE Plan The REPAYE Plan enables 5 million more Direct Loan borrowers to cap their monthly student loan payment amount at 10 percent of monthly discretionary income, without regard to

From Josh, America’s Coach in Physician Home Buying

[Josh is a good friend of mine who has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in physician home mortgage.  I’m happy to share a series of educational posts from him regarding this topic. So here you go, Josh’s debut