We are so hard on ourselves sometimes that we jam-pack our mind with self-defeating prophecies. Some of us do so before a big, expensive, high-stake standardized exam, prohibiting our hard-earned knowledge and experience to shine through the test questions as deserving high scores.

Some of us do so moment by moment, defeating ourselves in all aspects of our lives, from social, professional, physical, to emotional and financial.

While it is difficult to remove bad foods from our diets cold turkey, it’s frequently a tad easier to replace junk foods with healthy and delicious foods. So let’s say goodbye to wealth-defeating and say hello to wealth-fulfilling prophecies.

  • I never fail. I simply try until I succeed.


Robert Kiyosaki says, “Failures defeat losers. Failures inspires winners.” Key to success is to be encouraged and excited about mistakes and failures, as counter-intuitive as it seems. Pick ourselves up exactly where we fall.  Share our defeats openly because they help others too.

  • I work to learn.


This is why we went to medical school and went through residency. If we are working for money, we would not have spent our peak learning/productive years getting paid negative money (tuition, fees, interest, and loan origination fees) up to 10+ bucks/ hour.

  • I work to serve.


This is why we choose medicine. By a combination of nature and nurture, we gravitates to those in need. Rather than cherry-picking those who can benefit us, we find ways we can benefit others. Not so coincidentally, those who focus on serving others are often the most successful in many areas of their lives, including money matters.

  • Money is a useful tool.


We are no above money and money is not too good for us. We need money to take care of our loved ones and ourselves. Money can buy my time, the most precious commodity I have to offer as a human being to worthy causes on this earth. It’s a great tool and I will learn to optimize using it.

  • Money works for me.


My or someone else’s money (I borrow at a good rate) are my tireless, vacation-less workers who never complain or want a raise. My dollars work for me when I use them to purchase and amass assets such as index funds holding, rental properties, build my companies.

  • Luck is preparation meets opportunity.


We get lucky because we are prepared and seize an opportunity that swings by. So don’t those people who attribute all your successes to random chance. Be happy that you are prepared to utilize the chance, and get prepared for the next chance!

  • The universe is for me.


I’m also for the universe. We are social animals. We sleep better at night if we don’t perceive our fellow human beings as prowling tigers at our doorstep. Knock on wood, I’ve always believe in the innate kindness of human beings. Not only do I sleep well at night and feel relaxed in my own skin in the day, but also I keep giving out the same energy I receive/perceive from my surrounding. Sure, I have gotten negative comments in front of me and behind my back, but I’ve never gotten too injured to have faith and to continue giving to people around me.

I usually don’t define anything by what it is not. I was once berated, ridiculed, and humiliated by an attending radiologist while reading out because I didn’t answer his pimp questions correctly. I cried for 30 minutes during read out with 3 medical students sitting behind the reading station and a room full of other fellows and residents on that rotation.


I asked everyone I esteemed. They all told me to bite my tongue since this attending is known to be this way with every trainee in the program.


Then, in the same room, I overheard him berating, humiliating a fellow, whom I respect for his knowledge and benevolence. I spoke up this time. I said, “Dr. so and so, you are one of the most brilliant doctors I’ve ever came across… [10 minutes later of perfect silence in that great big reading room full of residents/fellows/and medical students]… I don’t believe anyone of us in this room is dumb sh*t. and even if we are, we shouldn’t be treated like one.”


Medical hazing is full of abuse, derision, and exhaustion-techniques. Do not internalize such, for they will destroy your chances of success in every aspect of your lives, including, money, marriage, mind, and motherhood (fatherhood.)

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8 Wealth-Fulfilling Prophecies

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