Meanwhile, in my head, I can still hear Sam’s voice. I think about the things I’d like to tell him, and I imagine what he’d say in reply. This isn’t the same as if we were having a real conversation.

It seems that confirmation bias draws me to passages and sentences (sometimes, mere phrases) about how loss is experienced. I am always struck by the feeling that I couldn’t have put it so poignantly or succinctly. Sometimes I find the emotion (or mixture of) only vaguely familiar, other times as I read I realize that though I had not been conscious of its existence before, I did in fact experience sentiment that echo what the author writes. The world is so big that someone is experiencing life-altering loss at every moment, every split-second; but it is so small that we can all relate. Isn’t that so good? Cheerios.

The article is available here.


From And They Said It Would Never Last by Curtis Sittenfeld

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