“My mother, Teddy Hedges, a professor of English, imparted to me a love of books and writing. She was the first one to publish my work, in a booklet she typed and bound when I was a child.”

– Chris Hedges (from War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning)

“For my mother,

Dell Temple Jamison

Who gave me life not

once, but countless times”

– Kay Redfield Jamison (from An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness)



My most patient reader


most charitable critic,

my aged mother.

This volume is affectionately inscribed.”

– Mark Twain (from Innocents Abroad)


PSA: If your mother is alive and good to you: hug her, give her a call, treat her to whatever; do the most you can do to let her know you appreciate and love her. If your mother is gone, whether literally or she is emotionally or physically absent because she is abusive, addicted and using, mentally ill and untreated or whatever the case may be, thank her in your mind for giving birth to you, and treat yourself for staying strong in spite of your loss. Everyone is born from a mother, and everyone deserves today to celebrate.

Mother’s Day Special: To Mothers, From Authors

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