$1 Goes a Long Way Today

A few co-residents/ attendings have suggested that I present a talk on personal finance for doctors. Though not a fan of public speaking, I finally drummed up the courage to do so. My supportive program director gave me Friday 1/29 lunch

Save 10-15% on your annual grocery bill AND fund your ROTH IRA!

Sprouts Farmers Market is selling gift cards at 90 cents on the dollar this coming Wednesday 11/4/2015 (traditionally this promotion happens once a year on the first wed. of November.) So let’s say your household grocery bill is $400/month, you

Ways to save (more) without cutting back

When my resident peers learn that I’m putting 23.5k away annually as a resident or that I’ve already paid off my student loan, many people’s response is “I’d rather enjoy life now.” I totally agree with enjoying life”always.” I also

How can I possibly save more?

Yesterday (wrote this a few weeks ago) was my first day of Radiology. I was beyond excited to meet very friendly, intelligent people who are passionate about teaching and learning radiology. My cohort, class of 2019 includes 7 guys and

How to increase my savings rate to 50% and more?

Since I just started radiology and got a whooping 2k raise for 2015-2016, time to revisit my budget and see if I can save more efficiently. From my pgy2 income, not including my side job in tutoring, Monthly Pay$4,461.08 Federal

hunting and gathering…food

Lots of money can be saved or even made by buying your food with some simple tips. Discount. like anything else don’t accept full price for food. meanwhile, balance this with “you get what you paid for” I’d rather spend

Wholesome foods, wholesome prices!

Ever want to have gourmet healthful foods that won’t burn a hole through your wallet? Like I said before, while I am pretty much without needs or wants in most aspects of my material life; I NEVER skimp on two items: