8 Wealth-Defeating Prophecies

We are the kings and queens of self-defeating prophecies. We place such high internal standards that we failed before we even tried. While everyone around us would be clapping hands at our valiant efforts or excellent performances, we thought our

5 Tips to Reach Your First 100k

As I’m targeting a net worth of 75k (~125k in assets) by the end of 2016 tax, I thought it’s good to reflect back on how I managed to build up 100k in assets as a PGY3. Old Chinese saying

Financial Independence at 38 (year 2023)

Let’s first talk about why I won’t retire at 38, even though I can. That’s less than 3 years out of fellowship. It would be the beginning of my professional prime as a radiologist. I’d like to use my skills and

Medicine: The Ultimate Inhumane Pursuit of Humanity

One of my mentors whom I look up to in life recently announced her retirement, she wrote, “It’s time for me to take care of my loved ones and myself. I’ve delayed, de-prioritized, sacrificed those closest to me as I care

2400 Days to Financial Independence

I recently had the honor to virtually meet Mr1500 by PoF’s introduction, who blogs about 1500 days to retirement. I thought it would be fun to share my journey to financial independence as well. I originally wrote Why I Can Retire