4 Reasons More Banks Should Refinance PGY’s

1.       Doctors are the least likely to default on their loans. Low risk lending. Doctors are an honest hard working bunch. The default rate of debt/liability of doctors is a fraction of that the average population. Low risk lending. This

My Debt is Better Than Hers: 5 Reasons Credit Card Debt Trumps Student Loans

1.       Are you kidding me? Look at the interest rate! First off the highest interest rate I have ever paid to a credit card company is 1.7%. In fact I have not paid a penny of interest other than that

16 Ways to Minimize Debt in Medical School

This post is inspired by a MS3 who wrote me, wondering how she could minimize debt while not having a job in medical school.   Hi! I just started reading your posts and they are very helpful. I am a

How I Pay My Student Loans Using Passive Income by Passive Income M.D.

[Passive Income M.D. has great insights to add to the physician blogger scene. Enjoy his guest post below! We have no financial relationship.] As physicians, we’ve all felt the crushing weight of the almighty student loan. Some have felt it

Is Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Repayment Plan for you?

    For larger or printable view, click Here. Benefits of REPAYE Plan The REPAYE Plan enables 5 million more Direct Loan borrowers to cap their monthly student loan payment amount at 10 percent of monthly discretionary income, without regard to


Q1. I applied to DRB with my current income of $0 with current debt, I got denied. Should I have put my future PGY1 salary on my application? A1. Yes, PGY 1 income. Q2. Refinancing vs. Fed payment with PSLF?


Recently a reader reached out to me for custom advice. I am always glad to help whenever I can, and so although our discussion was tailored for his unique situation, I thought I would share it here to potentially benefit

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

Title: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance & Physician Support Initiative   Highlights: Student loan management Public Service Loan Forgiveness Maximize Tax Efficiency/ Investment Return Physician Support Initiative P.S.I.   Date & Time:                                                              Location: July 6th, 2016 12-1 pm        

How I Take Charge of My 375k Student Loan

How I Take Charge of My 375k Student Loan

The following is a Q&A guest post from a good friend of mine, who wishes to be anonymous. We have no financial relationship to disclose. Here’s a list of great lenders to refinance your student loans with. (Note: by using

10 Weapons to Terminate Your Student Loans.

10 Weapons to Terminate Your Student Loans.

  Do you have student loans? Won’t you love to destroy them and be debt-free? What would you do with the cash flow you free up once your student loans are paid off? I’d like to invite you to join