From And They Said It Would Never Last by Curtis Sittenfeld

Meanwhile, in my head, I can still hear Sam’s voice. I think about the things I’d like to tell him, and I imagine what he’d say in reply. This isn’t the same as if we were having a real conversation.

From “The Seals” by Lydia Davis (2)

“I could share her when she was alive. When she was alive, her presence was endless, time with her was endless, time was endless.

From Saving Tarboo Creek by Scott Freeman

Planting a tree is a way to apply hope. In restoration is the preservation of the world.

From “The Seals” by Lydia Davis

“I did not go over for the funeral. I had good reasons, to me they seemed good, anyway, having to do with our old mother, and the shock of it, and how far away it was, across the ocean. Really,


Q17. I tried to reapply online but I couldn’t b/c I was already rejected with $0 income input on my previous application.   A17. Definitely call DRB tomorrow and have them manually change your income so that your application will


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