I’m Trying! — to Organize My Arts & Crafts Supplies pt 1

I’m planning a cross-country move for my parents. So why would I be organizing my house right now? Well Tamar, did you watch the show? Procrastinating on a chore with other chores is my very bread and butter. When we

Plant Appreciation Post: Wall Mounted Ferns

Last summer, the lovely Mini helped me wall mount two of my ferns. Well first she accompanied me to Terrain where we picked up the beauties, then she helped me get them situated. So after she blessed them with her

Plant Appreciation Post: Spider Plant

Today I want to show off my spider plant I got last summer.   Around this time, I began to cut off the babies (once they’d developed aerial roots), and setting those in water for propagation. And here’s how she’s

Puzzles Update

Totoro is completed, framed and has found a home. And puppy party is also done! But it’s been dismantled and returned to the box for storage at the moment. Happy Saturday!

Rainy Days Are Productive Days

…and during no time of the year am I reminded as much than in the spring and summer. 

DIYs: The Basket-Bag I Crocheted with Plarn

DIYs: The Basket-Bag I Crocheted with Plarn

Sometimes you don’t have to shop. Sometimes you Can do it yourself.

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