6 $ Tips I Would Tell Dear Younger Me

I love the song Dear younger me by Mercy Me. “Dear younger me I cannot decide Do I give some speech about how to get the most out of your life Or do I go deep And try to change

5 Ways Good Finance Parallels Good Cooking

Having grown up on the kitchen counter while my gourmet chef mother cooks, surrounded by the aroma of her 24 hour simmer chicken broth, and her 200+ types of wines jam packed in our 1,000 square foot apartment, cooking is

5 Ways to Stay in Clinical Medicine & Be Happy

My hero and mentor recently wrote “5 Ways to Get Out of Clinical Medicine.” His article inspired me to write “5 Ways to Stay in Clinical Medicine & Be Happy.”   Even though I am radiology resident and frequently seen

5 Ways to Keep More $

  Keep $ from Uncle Sam’s claws legally. Set up a business. What is your hobby? Turn it into a business by submitting some simple documentations to set up a Liability Limited Cooperation (LLC.) My hobby is to help every

Morbidly Obese & Morbidly Malnourished

Today, we did (6 moths ago) a fluoroscopic upper GI series on a patient, my age, who’s 700 lbs. I was so depressed when I saw her entire bare back with excess subcutaneous adipose tissue hanging in rolls behind her

5 Ways to Optimize Wealth Building Before Your First Attending’s Check

A dollar invested in PGY1 has nearly one more doubling time compared to that 6-10 year-later-invested dollar in your first few attending years. And if you invest this PGY1 dollar in post-tax vehicles such as Roth IRA or Roth 401k,

10 Heart & Wallet Healthy Habits

  Make and drink organic fruit/veggie/seeds smoothie. Daily organic smoothie is way cheaper than Starbucks Latte and does incredible things for your bowels, energy, and health. Cook at home. Cooking with your spouse can be the start of a romantic

What Resident Meal Card Taught Me about Retirement

  Don’t spend money just because you have it. I see residents buying $3.50 brownies, $2 surgary, or worst diet drinks from the cafeteria. I would never do that for a multitude of reasons. For one, drinks loaded with sugar

From Josh, America’s Coach in Physician Home Buying

[Josh is a good friend of mine who has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in physician home mortgage.  I’m happy to share a series of educational posts from him regarding this topic. So here you go, Josh’s debut

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

DWM Grand Rounds #1: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance

Title: Doc-to-Doc on Personal Finance & Physician Support Initiative   Highlights: Student loan management Public Service Loan Forgiveness Maximize Tax Efficiency/ Investment Return Physician Support Initiative P.S.I.   Date & Time:                                                              Location: July 6th, 2016 12-1 pm        

How I Contributed $23.5k to Roth IRA/Roth 403b in 2015 as PGY2

How I Contributed $23.5k to Roth IRA/Roth 403b in 2015 as PGY2

I’m a big proponent of maxing out available Roth space during low income/training years. However, most of us don’t have enough income to put $23,500 post-tax dollars away on resident/fellow income. Below I will share how I contributed $23,500 post-tax

Living Richly Today: A More Relatable Dr. Wise Money

Living Richly Today: A More Relatable Dr. Wise Money

When my colleague/collaborator White Coat Money published my guest post: How I Contributed $23.5k to Roth IRA/Roth 403b in 2015 as PGY2, he began the post with this editorial caveat: The following post describes a task that requires significant financial

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) or Refinance?

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) or Refinance?

This is an in-depth discussion about whether to go for Revised Paye As You Earn (REPAYE) or refinance your student loans with private banks like DRB or LinkCapital. Reader wrote: “My current thought is if someone wants to stay and

$1 Goes a Long Way Today

A few co-residents/ attendings have suggested that I present a talk on personal finance for doctors. Though not a fan of public speaking, I finally drummed up the courage to do so. My supportive program director gave me Friday 1/29 lunch

Investment portfolio

My investment portfolio is stupid simple and passive. I buy the US stock market and hold for at least 3 decades. 100% stocks for now, will re-balance as my risk tolerance decreases with age/nearing retirement. I know of an financially

Save 10-15% on your annual grocery bill AND fund your ROTH IRA!

Sprouts Farmers Market is selling gift cards at 90 cents on the dollar this coming Wednesday 11/4/2015 (traditionally this promotion happens once a year on the first wed. of November.) So let’s say your household grocery bill is $400/month, you

Ways to save (more) without cutting back

When my resident peers learn that I’m putting 23.5k away annually as a resident or that I’ve already paid off my student loan, many people’s response is “I’d rather enjoy life now.” I totally agree with enjoying life”always.” I also

My American Dream Part II “Budgeting”

This post is reader-inspired. She wrote, “Would like to see a post to help with me with my American dream…on how to establish a monthly budget, and keep to it, in a way that is practical but not restrictive? seriously,

Growing net worth on high debt/income ratio: Principles

As promised from the last post, Take a financial snapshot (debt & asset denoted as D & A) of where you are NOW D: Student loan balance and interest rate D: Private loan balance and interest rate D: Personal loan balance and interest rate D: Consumer debt (credit card) balance and interest rate

Tips for a 4th year med student: Interviews

The best medicine is (primary) prevention. This applies to physical and mental health, as well as financial fitness. Audition rotations are expensive. Do them close to home and get your recommendation letters there. A separate post will help you decide whether