5 Tips for Back to School Shopping  

Mini Wise Money requests to switch to Basis Tucson Primary. I was surprised because her friends at Sunrise Drive told Mini how much work and how little fun Basis is all about. I asked Mini, “are you sure, don’t you

6 $ Tips I Would Tell Dear Younger Me

I love the song Dear younger me by Mercy Me. “Dear younger me I cannot decide Do I give some speech about how to get the most out of your life Or do I go deep And try to change

5 Ways Good Finance Parallels Good Cooking

Having grown up on the kitchen counter while my gourmet chef mother cooks, surrounded by the aroma of her 24 hour simmer chicken broth, and her 200+ types of wines jam packed in our 1,000 square foot apartment, cooking is

5 Ways to Stay in Clinical Medicine & Be Happy

My hero and mentor recently wrote “5 Ways to Get Out of Clinical Medicine.” His article inspired me to write “5 Ways to Stay in Clinical Medicine & Be Happy.”   Even though I am radiology resident and frequently seen

5 Reasons I’m cutting My First Attending Paycheck in Half

I asked a few wise, seasoned, and revered radiologists, what is the minimum amount of work days per week a radiologist need to stay sharp in her trade? Average answer is 2 days per week. That’s the sweet balance I

5 Reasons to Not be a Doc, If You Wanna Be Rich.

Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir. It’s not hard to know that you are poor when you are in you 35 without a house, with a 20 year old Honda accord, without money in retirement savings, and with a student

10 Heart & Wallet Healthy Habits

  Make and drink organic fruit/veggie/seeds smoothie. Daily organic smoothie is way cheaper than Starbucks Latte and does incredible things for your bowels, energy, and health. Cook at home. Cooking with your spouse can be the start of a romantic

5 Lessons a Harvard-Stanford Trained Radiologist Taught Me

I recently had to see a dear mentor off, as she leaves UA medical imaging to join her family on the East Coast. She was a gem in our program. Many people were really sad to see her leave, but

My Million Dollar Mistakes, Your Free Lessons

Top 5 Mistakes Which Made Me Money Wise Today   There’s Chinese folktale. There is temple on a mountain so high that people believe it reaches the heaven. In the temple, sits the statue of a Buddha, which took 100

Medicine: The Ultimate Inhumane Pursuit of Humanity

One of my mentors whom I look up to in life recently announced her retirement, she wrote, “It’s time for me to take care of my loved ones and myself. I’ve delayed, de-prioritized, sacrificed those closest to me as I care

Get Money Wise & Support Mini Wise Money!

I recently started writing for Physician’s Money Digest. It has been great fun, reaching so many doctors/ aspiring doctors on such a reputable discussion forum.   An awesome bonus is every unique reader/visitor of any one of my articles on PMD generates a

Beautiful Mom of 3 & Her Own Boss

Beautiful Mom of 3 & Her Own Boss

[DWM: I decided to start the “Be Your Own Boss” series after getting lots of positive feedback on a post I recently wrote about my entrepreneur journey to running my tutoring business exactly how I want it and making $388/hr. This series will be

8-year-old Mini Starts Planning Mini-Retirements.

8-year-old Mini Starts Planning Mini-Retirements.

With the ability to retire by 2023, I started talking with Mini’s dad about family longer term vacation/exploration around the world after 2023. We both agreed that traveling around the world and learning from various cultures will enrich Mini’s life

The Sculpture I’m Building with My Life.

The Sculpture I’m Building with My Life.

My life just started, still looks like a block of marble. Click on the diagram to get a larger image.   Stared items are my current priorities, need advice on getting more sleep for sure. Comment below and share about the sculpture

Top 10 Lessons Mini Wise $ Taught Me About $

Top 10 Lessons Mini Wise $ Taught Me About $

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that

Mini Wise Money: The Apple of My Eye

Mini Wise Money: The Apple of My Eye

A Tribute to the Apple of My Eye   Kiss Ella’s forehead “Mommy will come pick you up in two months.” Watch her cry with her arms outstretched for me A calling Passion for learning Resolve to challenge and develop

My Life by Mini

My Life by Mini

My life is small tale that people won’t know Because my life is a thing that I can not say My life is a thing that I can not write My life is me, myself, & I And that will

A Mother’s Love & Pride Collide: DWM’s Letter to MWM

A Mother’s Love & Pride Collide: DWM’s Letter to MWM

This is a letter I wrote to MWM after watching her long-anticipated Aladdin (a school play performed by Sunrise Drive Elementary students), during which I felt my heart was wrenched.     Dearest sweetie pie, I love you. I realized

Takes a village to raise a kid

“It takes a village to raise a kid”; I believe it takes a village to raise a family, which includes the grandparents, parents, and kids.   Traditional Chinese culture teaches whole-hearted reciprocation of love and care for our parents. Multi-generational

Girl Meets Boy: Sharing Dollar Value with Your Significant Other

My significant other grew up in a entirely different world from mine in many dimensions: cultural, social, economic, and psychological. I was born and raised in Asia, in a developing country. He was born and raised in the US, a developed country.