Poetry Ptuesday – Instead of Killing Yourself by Derrick C. Brown

“Instead of killing yourself / wait until / a year from now”

Poetry Ptuesday – At Joan’s by Frank O’Hara

“I am lonely for myself / I can’t find a real poem”

Poetry Ptuesday – But These Things Also by Edward Thomas

“All the white things a man mistakes/For earliest violets/Who seeks through Winter’s ruins/Something to pay Winter’s debts”

Poetry Ptuesday – Snow by Louis MacNeice

“…and feel/The drunkenness of things being various.”

Poetry Ptuesday – The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

“I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.”

Poetry Ptuesday – My Talent by Everette Maddox

Introducing… Poetry Ptuesday! Because, why the heck not!?

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