Recently our block had a neighborhood cookout, and I found out one of my neighbors is actually a children’s book author/illustrator. This was incredibly exciting for me, as I’ve been mulling over an idea for a children’s book since a short while after Amanda died.



I shared with my neighbor the gist of my concept, which is about good and bad (and good) times “after mom left”. He then turned me onto a beautiful book by his friend called A Year without Mom. H O L Y MACARONI B A T M A N ! I already purchased and devoured my copy, and I highly recommend it. It’s been a long time since I’d read any children’s or even YA works that was accessible without being plain/yawn-inducing, relatable without being cringeworthy/try-hard, and also covers a topic that deserves far more attention/such deft treatment than it currently receives judging from what’s available out in the market.


If you or someone you know could use a copy, but cannot justify the price tag, please reach out. I would love to be able to gift this wonderful work to anyone who is in a place to benefit from it and can grow to pass small kindnesses forward.


On that note, thanks for reading, y’all have a good day now 🙂


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