Today I had an eye-opening but ultimately unproductive discussion with someone I care about dearly. This person refused my help. They specifically requested that I do not treat them any different and that I treat them like normal. They didn’t want any resources even though they appreciated the offer. They told me they didn’t want what I offered. They told me they didn’t think they needed it and did not find it helpful in general. They said they’ve tried it and did not benefit. They had their own way.


They are right, of course. Unwanted help is no help at all. And I am not wrong. We hold very different views in some fundamental ways. No one did anything wrong today. We felt what we felt. We said what we said. We told what we held true, and just couldn’t get anywhere. I am learning a truly difficult lesson.


My heart is heavy and it hurts. But I had to stop forcing the issue. I have to accept that everything I want to give, stops at the boundaries of another human being. And rightfully so. I can’t tell people what they need or want. All that I can offer is of course of no benefit when it is not wanted. I have to face that, for all I can do, there is still so much I just can’t.


I feel awful. I feel lost. It’s not my fault, and it’s not anyone else’s either. That sucks. But what can I do? I can just feel how I feel. I can sit with it, breathe it out, and get back up again. I can keep going. I said my offer did not expire, and I can make absolutely sure that I’m good for it. I can still learn, too. I can change. I can do better. So I didn’t help today, I guess I’ll just have to be here tomorrow, and every day after that.

Helpless to Help
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