Music has always brought me an insurmountable amount of happiness and comfort. As far back as I can remember, I’ve associated certain songs, or playlists, with moments of my life, like soundtracks. And with the invention of Shazam, an app that is able to listen to any song and tell you the artist’s name and song title, I’ve been able to take snapshots of what moments have sounded like in my life. Thus, the playlists I’ve created are souvenirs from certain periods (adventures included) in my life.

Most recently, I was supposed to travel to South America, a trip we’d been planning for quite some time. This was the first big attempt at traveling, since my diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease. Unfortunately, I had a flare-up, and had to make the awful decision of boarding while reacting, or returning home. I decided on the latter. I was relieved, but also quite depressed about the situation. In grieving over forfeiting this long-awaited trip, I turned to music and created a playlist that would reflect what my summer and trip would’ve looked like in South America, as well as the reality of my healing staycation. I described it on Spotify as “…perfect for the beach, river floating, or summer dazing. Mineral sunscreen not included.”

Hope you enjoy! LISTEN HERE 

BuenQamino’s Summer Playlist 2019

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