Home Mortgage: 4th Time is A Charm!

Home Mortgage: 4th Time is A Charm!

After purchasing my 1st home as MS4, refinancing it as PGY1, then attempting to refinance it as PGY2, I’m now preparing to purchase my 2nd home. Honestly, working with so many mortgage officers over a spectrum of mortgage companies in the

Mortgage payments, biweekly or refinance?

I wrote this post several months ago. As soon as I was liberated from the onerous 6.8% interest of my student loans, I turned my attention to my next most expensive (highest interest) debt. My then mortgage was a doctor’s

Doctor’s vs. Conventional Mortgage

This post is an expansion from a discussion with an attending reader who’s considering doctor’s mortgage. Since within the last year I have purchased my first home with a doctor’s mortgage, and then refinanced it to a conventional mortgage. I would like

Mortgage refinance 7 months after buying my 1st home.

This post boils down to Interest saving is guaranteed and tax-free gain, especially sweet when 1. it comes @ no cost/fees 2. it frees up additional cash flow 3. it allows you to build equity faster  4. The above can be accomplished

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